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Location, Location, Location

Central Bucks map

Embracing the Past, Focusing on the Future

In the early 1700s, English Quakers journeyed to Pennsylvania to help fulfill William Penn’s dream of a land of religious freedom. In 1725, a group of residents presented a petition to the Bucks County Court, officially organizing Plumstead Township. Shortly after, small villages quickly began to sprout throughout the township to support what was at first an agricultural community.
There were two major highways, both still present today, running through Plumstead Township: Route 611 from north-to-south and Point Pleasant Pike/Ferry Road from east-to-west. These roads catalyzed the formation of business and industry within our community, including inns, blacksmiths, carriage works, and mills. Our property rests in historic Dyerstown, which gets its namesake from a skilled miller named John Dyer.
In more recent history, our property came to be when the land from a large dairy farm was subsectioned and sold. In 1960, a structure was built on the property; this building would ultimately become a solar panel installation business, which then was converted briefly into a residential dwelling before it was placed for sale.
In enters Central Bucks Veterinary Hospital. We were searching for a location in our hometown community to fulfill our calling and wanted to surround ourselves with a strong team as we began this endeavor. We were thrilled to connect with Brian Madden of CARR Healthcare Realty, who specializes in commercial real estate for veterinary and dental practices. In addition to his real estate expertise, his background as a lawyer was vital in navigating through zoning, contract, and development needs.

His patience was invaluable as we searched high and low, touring a myriad of properties, unwilling to settle on one that was unable to deliver to our patients and clients the full extent of our vision. So when our current location came available, we leapt at the opportunity and Brian led us through the process of acquiring it with a combination of expertise, tact, and humor. 
Now that our location is settled, our vision can continue to take shape. We simultaneously embrace our past, while focusing on the future. We look forward to penning the next chapter in the history of this property, as well as the delivery of high-quality veterinary care. We look forward to you experiencing it along with us.