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At Central Bucks Veterinary Hospital, we strive to optimize your pet’s quality and quantity of life through our advance diagnostic and treatment options. However, there are unfortunately times when even the most advanced treatment cannot cure or effectively manage a disease.

Our goal during that time is to maintain the strong bond between you and your pet while focusing on their comfort and your education on providing palliative care. We are committed to partnering with you to maintain the highest quality of life for your pet until a natural death occurs or euthanasia is elected. If euthanasia is in the best interest of your pet, we will walk you through the process in our designated room, which provides a private, comfortable, and peaceful setting for you to be with your beloved pet. We also offer a “Tranquil Trail” through the woods of the property to give clients and their pets a serene escape alongside a trickling creek.

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Gentle Care Approach

We know that veterinary visits can be stressful. Pets are not in their usual environment and are having unusual things done to them. Our goal at Central Bucks Veterinary Hospital is to maximize both the physical health and mental wellbeing of our patients.

To honor our patients, we have designed our processes and procedures through their eyes. We strive to provide a stress-free experience so that your pet can remain as calm as possible, which will enable our team to provide you with the best medical recommendations and treatments for your pet, while avoiding the need for sedation. Our team is well-trained in gentle approaches to providing care and advocates the use of safe and effective pre-visit calming medications for pets that are stressed in a hospital setting.