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Abstract to Tangible

A Taste of What’s to Come

Our vision for Central Bucks Veterinary Hospital formed organically through years of closely observing the veterinary profession and listening to the feedback of our patients, clients, and team members. We saw the need for an improved, modern delivery of high-quality healthcare and set out to meet it. While our vision is clear to us, it takes a special skill set to take something abstract and translate it into something that all can see. Fortunately, we knew a team that was capable of doing just that and, luckily for us, they were not far from home.

It is no doubt a daunting proposition when your daughter and son-in-law ask you to encapsulate their vision into something tangible that expresses what it is, how it became, and where it is going. However, Joanne Esplin and her team at Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising dove right in, ready for the challenges that would come with it. Armed with decades of expertise and attention to detail, they began to tackle the laundry list of items that ranged from logo design to signage to merchandise to website creation.

First up, our logo. We understand that pets are family members and wanted that to be apparent from the very beginning. This is what inspired us to incorporate our own furry children (Penny, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Panini, a Calico Tabby) directly into our logo. Simultaneously, our logo had to be modern, calming, and inviting, reflecting the healthcare that our patients, clients, and team members will come to know and love. After many renditions and adjustments, Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising created three amazing variations of a logo which do just that. We are excited to feature these logos in a variety of ways, including on our signage, stationary items, and merchandise (all of which their team also helped us craft).

While our logo serves as a visual symbol of who we are, Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising also crafted a website that embodies the modern, streamlined healthcare that our hospital will deliver. In addition, our website was designed to project our core values and practice culture, which were essential to assembling a team that shares our same passion. After many early mornings, late nights, and coordination across multiple time zones, Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising worked through rendition after rendition, culminating with a beautiful and user-friendly website. Our website not only expresses who we are and the expertise we offer, but also allows our clients to be more easily involved in their pet’s healthcare by offering online appointment booking and enabling easy access to their pet’s key medical record information.

Thanks to the amazing translation of our vision, we attracted over 130 applicants for our open positions (allowing us to assemble an amazing team that share our core values!) as well as assemble a large client waitlist who are excited to experience the best of veterinary medicine. We are grateful for the expertise that Joanne, Lisa, Jigar, and the rest of the team at Fitzgerald Esplin Advertising have provided and we look forward to delivering on the high-quality care that their creations embody.